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Familiarity breeds disinterest

Book: Skagboys

Author: Irvine Welsh

Music: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Artist: The Four Lads

Last November, Paris was the target of a terrorist attack and the world responded with a flood of tricolors. Last week Istanbul was the target of a terrorist attack. I failed to notice any instances of Facebook users generating a profile pic overlaid with red and the white crescent and star of the iconic Turkish banner. Yesterday, Dhaka in Bangladesh was the target of a terrorist attack. I haven’t seen any profile pics being overlaid with green and the red disc of the rather less familiar Bangladeshi flag. I wonder why that is. Are those places just not as sexy or evocative as Paris for many people, Americans especially, or are these attacks, like the mass-murders by gunmen in the US becoming so commonplace that people don’t have the time or inclination for the Paris-like outpouring of Facebook emotions?

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