They Fuck You(r Musical Tastes) Up, Your Mum and Dad (with apologies to Philip Larkin)

Book: Skagboys

Author: Irvine Welsh

Music: The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen

Artist: Andy Stewart

Although no version of the song is referred to in Skagboys, my internal jukebox immediately began to play the version by the famous (in certain circles) Scottish balladeer, Andy Stewart. I suppose that’s because I must have heard it so often on the radio programmes my mother and father used to enjoy because I don’t believe we ever had it on a record. But it’s remarkable that when I hear the song title, 45 years later, I can hear the voice and remember at least the first couple of lines of Stewart’s rendition.

Just a couple of months ago my daughter was horrified when I pointed out that she was singing along with Fleetwood Mac’s “Go You Own Way,” a song she professes (along with the band’s entire catalogue) to despise.

Nothing changes.


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