Memorieeeeees, Like a Liar in My Mind … Part 2

Book: The Good Humor Man: Or, Calorie 3501

Author: Andrew Fox

Music: Burning Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Maybe Elvis-related topics bring out the uncertainty of recollections.

My memory of hearing about Elvis’s death is this. I got up for school the morning after the news broke in the US and my father told me Elvis had died. I remember going to school and discussing it with two of my good friends who were fervid Elvis fans and, therefore, bereft. But, again, it couldn’t have happened that way because there would’ve still been a week or more of our summer holidays remaining on August 16, 1977. Maybe the bit about my father telling me about it when I woke up that morning is accurate but the rest must either be a scenario created entirely in and by my imagination or I’ve adapted some elements of reality into a different narrative over the years.

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