Memorieeeeees, Like a Liar in My Mind …

Book: The Good Humor Man: Or, Calorie 3501

Author: Andrew Fox

Music: Graceland

Artist: Paul Simon

(It’s been a long time. A lot’s been going on.)

The human memory is a funny and unpredictable thing. I planned to write a post about how this song, or more specifically the album from which it comes, formed part of the soundtrack to my first spell in the US – the summer after my final year in university when I worked as a waiter in a country club in Connecticut.  The fact is, though, that was the summer of 1988. This album was released two years previously in 1986. I would’ve sworn that I remember “Call Me Al” playing incessantly on radio and MTV during that summer. Seems, after all, that is not possible.

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One thought on “Memorieeeeees, Like a Liar in My Mind …

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