I Was Gruntled (At These Gigs)

Book: Black Swan Green

Author: David Mitchell

Music: Words (Between the Lines of Age)

Composer/Artist: Neil Young

Neil Young played Carnegie Hall in January, 2014. I went. I was prepared for a set list as varied as his albums so was surprised when he played essentially a greatest hits set. I’d seen him at the Point Depot (as it was then called) in Dublin a couple of decades previously with Crazy Horse on the Broken Arrow tour. That was one rockin’ gig. Lots of feedback and fuzz. There were more than a few people in that crowd who were there for Harvest. They were left somewhat disgruntled. ‘Disgruntled’ is a word you hear a lot. It’s just the opposite to ‘gruntled’ – that’s not a word you hear very much at all. Even as I type this ‘gruntled’ is underlined in that jagged red style indicating a misspelling. In any case, that disgruntled Dublin crown would’ve loved the Carnegie Hall gigs – he did four that week – since it was very much a retrospective of his early solo career. I loved the Broken Arrow gig and I loved the Carnegie Hall gig. He parked his vintage-looking tour bus on Seventh Avenue at the corner of 56th Street – the license place is ‘Zuma.’

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