How do you spell awimaway?

Book: Black Swan Green

Author: David Mitchell

Music: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Composer/Artist: Tight Fit

Each generation thinks ‘their’ version of the song is the original. When Tight Fit came out with The Lion Sleeps Tonight in 1982 it was totally new to me and probably the majority of people listening to it. Of course I now know that it had been around for half a century before Tight Fit did their thing.

At a time when there were many, many very significant artists operating in the pop, rock, and punk music arena there was also a burgeoning trend for session musicians putting together some odd but engaging hits. Obviously manufactured bands and hits had been around for decades but it just seemed like it was very prevalent at this point (the early 80s). Stars on 45 was the epitome of this departure – you could learn a snippet of The Beatles greatest hits in three minutes. They should resurrect that for today’s micro-attention-span times.


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