The Whistlin’ Gypsy?

Book: Black Swan Green

Author: David Mitchell

Music: Chariots of Fire

Composer/Artist: Vangelis

When I was a young pre- to mid-teenager I played the tin whistle (Google it). That’s my dirty little secret. I wasn’t too bad at it, actually. Played it a lot. My father had a nickname for me when I’d play it. I don’t remember what it was. Again, I’ll have to ask my mother. In any case, I suppose I should’ve been flattered that one of my older brothers thought I was good and particularly enjoyed me playing Vangelis’ theme from Chariots of Fire. He’d routinely request demand that I play for visitors.

I remember, in particular, one summer evening in the early 1980s playing a command performance on the front step of the old house at home (long since demolished) for several American cousins who were visiting. Chariots of Fire was the highlight of that gig, at my brother’s request, obviously. I’ve spent a lot of time in America but I have never had the slightest interest in seeing those cousins again.

It must be 30 years since I even picked up a tin whistle. I betcha I could still play Chariots of Fire, though.

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