Blue Sky at Christmas

Book: Black Swan Green

Author: David Mitchell

Music: Mr. Blue Sky

Composer/Artist: Electric Light Orchestra

Jeff Lynne was the ‘maestro’ of ELO but the band-member that strikes a chord with me (har har!) is Roy Wood – a founding member of the band who left years before Mr. Blue Sky was a hit. Wood and Lynne formed ELO to fuse rock and classical music. I love both genres. Separately. Not fused. I remember Wood as the Charles Manson-like (in looks, obviously, not in the cult-leader-murdering-psychopathic sense) leader of glam rock’s maddest lot, Wizzard. See My Baby Jive is a song that I remember with great fondness from the very early 1970s but Wood and Wizzard’s most beloved tune must surely be I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day from 1973. Even if you wanted to forget it, you’d be hard pushed to since it’s a warranted fixture on the radio every Christmas. Back in those days it seemed like it was a glam rock bucket list item – ‘release Christmas song.’  Wizzard and Slade battled for the no. 1 slot in England at the apex of that golden era of my early childhood. Slade won with Merry Xmas Everybody. Maybe it says more about me that about the songs that both of these glam rock Christmas classics feel very wistful and tinged with regret.

And, yes, I have nothing to say about Mr. Blue Sky.

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