I know what dance you did last summer

Book: How I Shed My Skin: Unlearning the Racist Lessons of a Southern Childhood

Author: Jim Grimsley

Music: The Twist

Composer/Artist: Chubby Checker

Which came first – the dance or the song? I don’t know. I just found out that Chubby Checker is still alive and only in his early 70s. Chubby made a career out of Twist-related songs:

The Original version – The Twist (revisited several times throughout the decade)
The Beach-Boys-Cash-In version – Twistin’ USA
The Running-Out-of-Ideas version – Let’s Twist Again
The Hubba-Hubba version – Slow Twisting (posh inclusion of the ‘g’ at the end there)
The International-Hit-Market-Expansion-Grab version – Twistin Around the World (note the grammar-Facist-prodding omission of the apostrophe from Chubby there)
The Beatles-Cash-In version – Twist it Up
The Poignant  Version – You Stopped Twisting. Why?
The Hip-Hop-Rap-Cash-In version – The Twist (Yo, Twist!)

He was not a Twist monogamist, however, and also sang paeans to the Hucklebuck, the Mess Around (I don’t know what that is), the Limbo (several times), and the Freddie (?).

Keep twistin’, Chubby!  (I want a liner notes credit when he releases that one)

Link to streaming audio: Chubby Checker (Spotify)

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