Get up

Book: How I Shed My Skin: Unlearning the Racist Lessons of a Southern Childhood

Author: Jim Grimsley

Music: Say it Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud

Composer/Artist: James Brown

It speaks volumes about my background that when I hear the phrase ‘Say it Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud,’ instead of the Godfather of Soul, I think first of Jimmy Rabbitte’s exhortation in the ‘Irish are the blacks of Europe’ scene from The Commitments. James Brown co-wrote this song. It’s easy to forget the power and the beauty of the man and his abilities as a songwriter when the images of crazed mugshots are so much fresher in the mind.


Link to streaming audio: James Brown (Spotify)

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One thought on “Get up

  1. […] but fairly conventional career in rock and pop. Eno, however, went in another direction and if James Brown is the “Godfather of Soul,” Eno is the “Godfather of Ambient.” One of Eno’s early and signature works […]


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