Monday, not Thursday, on Tuesday

Book: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Author: Lionel Shriver

Music: I Don’t Like Mondays

Composer/Artist: Bob Geldof / The Boomtown Rats

At last, a rock song! Or punk, pop, new wave – call it what you will. The is the first piece of music I’ve written about that’s got a direct link within the book in which it features. ‘Thursday’ was this story’s equivalent of the ‘Monday’ in the Rats’ 1979 classic. This is a great song and one that I was counter-intuitively – to me – proud of in ’79. Back then I was an obtuse little git and would sometimes dislike something because a lot of others liked it. The Rats were big in Ireland and the UK in the late ’70s – hence I wasn’t a fan. When I Don’t Like Mondays was released my resistance proved futile. It was so popular, and so good, and it came from an Irish band at a time when, beyond Thin Lizzy, we were characterized musically by the lovely but lame Val Doonican,  ‘Mondays’ blew it all away – a song you could listen to and learn from. Mass murder American loser style wasn’t something we came across every day in the back of beyond Ireland. Once I got over my stubborn idiocy I came to love many of the Boomtown Rats’ hits. ‘Silicon chips’ and ‘telex machines’ – so cutting edge in 1979.

Link to streaming audio: Boomtown Rats (Spotify)

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One thought on “Monday, not Thursday, on Tuesday

  1. […] broadcaster, launched RTÉ Radio 2 (in a cute bit of intra-blog synchronicity, the earlier featured Boomtown Rats‘ Like Clockwork was the first record played). Radio 2 had two hours of Country and Western […]


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