Scarlatti’s 32

Book: The Bone Clocks

Author: David Mitchell

Music: Keyboard Sonata in D minor, K.32

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

I mentioned the soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in my first post the other day. Scarlatti’s music did not appear on the album but J.S. Bach’s did and that kicked off a lifelong (well, most of my life) love of Baroque, some call it early, music. Also harking back to that earlier post (when I mentioned I didn’t actually realize until years and years later what I was actually listening to) I didn’t have a label for the music of Bach and Scarlatti and Vivaldi until much later. This brings to mind when I discovered Bossa Nova. I don’t recall why but I thought I was going to hear something completely different than what lilted from the João Gilberto album I put on. In my mind, Bossa Nova was going to sound like Ramsey Lewis’ ‘The In Crowd.’ I’d heard ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ a hundred times – never knew it was ‘Bossa Nova.’ Anyway, there’s a sumptuous simplicity to this Scarlatti sonata – a piece which is not, ironically, terribly Baroque-y – that I love.


Link to streaming audio: Maria Tipo (Spotify)

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